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Welcome to SeafoodCheck

Welcome to SeafoodCheck

Insight for a busy industry. 

Insight for a busy industry. 

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Welcome to SeafoodCheck.png
Welcome to SeafoodCheck.png
Welcome to SeafoodCheck.png
Welcome to SeafoodCheck.png
Welcome to SeafoodCheck.png
Welcome to SeafoodCheck.png

Risk analytics for seafood legality and compliance.  Apply today to be an early tester.

Problem Solved

Harvested everywhere and shipped anywhere, seafood is subject to thousands of ever-changing regulations.  Showing that it was sourced legally requires checking technical information for real-world accuracy, a time-consuming and highly specialized process. 


We experienced this firsthand in government and saw a fixable problem, so we spent the last two years quietly building the best risk analytics solution in the world to detect illegal seafood in trade.  What takes hours of an expert's time today can be accomplished by anyone on your team in seconds tomorrow.  We can't wait for you to try it out as a beta tester.


The United States imported over 

$2.4 Billion

of illegal seafood

in 2019 alone.

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2020 Winner


2021 Neptune Award Winner

What We Check


Is fishing for this species managed by that country?


fishing boat.jpg


Is it real, and is it

authorized to fish?



Do the parties on the permit make sense?


Is the harvest area

reported correctly?


We focus on essential seafood harvest information required for regulatory reporting,

including the species, vessel name, identifier and flag, and fishing area. 

SeafoodCheck covers 15,000+ fisheries that contribute to global seafood supply chains.  

How it Works

How it Works

1. Three Ways to Submit


Manual Entry

We make it quick with drop-down lists and predictive text.



CSV, JSON, or XML files, complete with templates.



Fully customized, seamless risk analytics within your platform.

2. Rapid Analysis

We check your information against a vast array of government-approved sources from around the world, saving your time and peace of mind.  

3. Clear, Concise Results

We will let you know if your information looks good or if there is a glaring error (and if so, what it is). 

You can see more granular feedback if needed, such as compliance with US Customs data filing requirements.


Quick Answers

What data does SeafoodCheck use to validate my information?

We exclusively use government-issued data because it is the best available information to support regulatory compliance.  We are continually discovering, digitizing and translating a wide array of datasets from around the world.  Many are queried in real-time.

Is SeafoodCheck a sustainability certification?

No. Sustainability ecolabels can't be used to show regulatory compliance because they issue certifications based on a snapshot of a supply chain in time.  What we offer is item-specific legal harvest risk analytics.

Can I use SeafoodCheck with limited information?

Absolutely.  We work with what you have.  Under the hood, a complex series of rules allows us to assess the fishery, vessel, permit and harvest location together or separately.

More FAQs coming soon


2021 Accelerator Cohort

2021-2022 Oceans Stream



Celeste Leroux, Founder/CEO

Emily Zimmerman, Research Analyst

Rear Admiral Tim Gallaudet, Ph.D., US Navy (ret), Strategic Advisor

Rachel Hanbury, Strategic Advisor

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